04 Jun 2012

The Truth About Bullying

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Bullying is a subject that never seems to go away and one that really sticks in my craw so to speak. Maybe it’s the fact it’s so cruel and pointless, maybe it’s because it ruins so many lives or maybe even it’s because I was the recipient for a period of time at school. Whatever, basically it’s something that needs to be addressed constantly to try to reduce the shocking number of incidents and suicides that derive each year from it.

If you’ve never been affected by bullying then you are one of the lucky ones. For all others they know just how hard it can be to live through a sustained spell. So I call on all readers gathered here today to proclaim that you will not stand for it any longer in your local schools and communities, that it is time to draw a line and stop another generation of kids from the psychological damage wrought by these insidious acts.

Go forth and spread the word. Kids need to be aware there is support available and they need to know now!

The Truth About Bullying

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