Sweet Love Letters

The following page is full of sweet love letters written by woman to their loved ones so please feel free to scroll through until you find something that gives you inspiration for your own love letter.

To My Dearest Prince Charming,

Did you know that is exactly what you are? I am so very much in love with you! I find myself wondering over and over how I was so lucky to have you suddenly appear in my life, turning everything around. Just when I had given up hope on finding happiness, you came riding into my life on your mythical stead and literally swept me off my feet. I feel like I am living in a fairy tale, one of the old fashion ones where the handsome prince shows up and reveals a beautiful life to the once sad girl! It seems like an absolute miracle.

My life was so humdrum, just going to work, running errands and sleeping. Not very exciting. But then I met you, and everything changed in an instant. Now I can hardly wait to jump out of bed in the mornings, knowing that in just a moment you will call me to tell me you love me. What a beautiful way to start each day! I know this sounds silly, but sometimes I felt like one of those poor abandoned dogs in the rescue society’s newsletters, the ones who are waiting for their forever homes. Well, now I have my forever home in your heart and strong arms and I am so incredibly happy!

I’m so looking forward to our trip to the mountains. The lodge looks so romantic with all the wood and big stone fireplace. I can just see us snuggling up in front of the fire, drinking a hot drink and looking with longing into each other’s eyes. You are so amazing to surprise me with such an exciting vacation; I can hardly wait!

So, my prince charming, I simply wanted to write and let you know how very much I love you and how incredibly different my life is now that I am with you. I love you with all my heart!

All My Love,
[Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent]


My Dearest Ben,

Well, I was just sitting here giggling about what I said to you this morning! I’m so grateful that you have such a fantastic sense of humor and don’t just think I am a lunatic. I swear, just like how I risk broken bones and bruises every time we go dancing, I’m about as clumsy with language too! Actually I think you may be at some risk too when we are dancing- I might accidentally trip you and we’ll both end up in the hospital. Remember on our first date when I fell off the porch swing at your parents’ house? You were so sweet, didn’t make fun of me or act embarrassed. You just picked me up smiling and put me in a sturdy chair instead! That was your chance, you could have just said sorry, you are too weird, and walked inside the house. I’m so eternally grateful that you didn’t do that!

Instead, you risked your life and limb taking me out again and my goodness, now here we are married! We are having such an amazing life together despite all my silliness. Or, maybe that’s what keeps things exciting- never knowing what will happen next. For just a moment, I am going to try to be serious while I tell you how much your love means to me.

I am so thankful that every morning I greet the new day with you by my side. The first thing we do is smile at each other before our eyes are even fully open. Isn’t that just beautiful? I love you so much and I know you love me and this is what makes life so wonderful! Even the tension at work can’t ruin my days because I know in just a few hours I’ll be home with you! I thought I’d try a letter to tell you all this since it’s a little harder to have a mishap while I’m sitting still writing, and that way I can get all my thoughts expressed!

Love You Dearly,
[Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent]


Hello There My Handsome Honey,

I just arrived home from grocery shopping and have to sit down and tell you what just happened. I was struggling up to the door with an armload of grocery bags, put my key in the lock and an amazing feeling just overwhelmed me! Rather than rushing to put the groceries away as usual, it was such an incredible experience I just have to take a few moments to describe it to you.

There I was, turning the key and opening the door when this flood of warmth and a feeling of how deeply we love each other just about bowled me over. I swear, my knees almost buckled! It was so sudden and strong that I thought for a moment that maybe something horrible had happened to you, but I know you are fine since you just sent me a text about dinner.

Maybe it is because we are always in such a hurry, our lives are so busy that we don’t take time to appreciate fully how lucky we are to have each other. This was like a giant reminder of what is really important in life. It’s not putting groceries away or even going to work every day, it is sharing our love and knowing every moment of every day how incredibly precious it really is!

So, you might think I’m being a bit silly right now, but this was such a strikingly real experience, and it felt so deeply important. I honestly think it happened to open my eyes, to remind me that maybe we are taking our wonderful life for granted. We are so close compared to a lot of our friends, and our life has been filled with a beauty that I think is rather rare. I love you so much, and I want you to know deep down that you are everything to me. We’ll talk about it all tonight while we make our favorite dinner.

I Love You With All My Heart,
[Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent]

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