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So you’ve decided to write your boyfriend, husband and/or idol of your affections a love letter? Well then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve received a large number of what I characterise as love letters for him over the years and have decided to publish them to help give you some inspiration and ideas before you sit down to write out your very own version.

It can be quite a daunting prospect especially if you haven’t written in ink for some time. So remember:

1. You are not alone. Be reassured that there are many girls and ladies in your same position who have used this collection of love letters as a spring board for writing their own and you’ll soon be in a position to join them.

2. Read through some example love letters for him. I’d recommend you start by reading through a sample of love letters so you can find one that eloquently reflects the kind of feelings you want to convey. I’ve organised the letters into sub-categories by theme so pick the one that resonates with your circumstances.

Best Love Letters
Marriage Love Letters
Romantic Love Letters
Sad Love Letters
Sweet Love Letters

3. Lose your fear. Once you’ve read through a sample of letters you are ready to begin. Lose your fear. Procrastinating about what you should write is often the biggest impediment to actually starting to write so just let go, start writing and see where it takes you. If you end up waffling or ranting then so be it after all you are allowed more than one draft. So just see what comes to mind and what comes out for you can always tweak it later.

4. Revise and edit. Once you’ve made a start and feel like you’ve covered the important points that you wish to address take a break and come back to it. You’ll then see the letter through fresh eyes and determine whether you have written what is in your heart. If you’ve not and/or you’ve thought of a better way to articulate your point then take a fresh piece of paper and write down your thoughts immediately. Now you can look to combine the revised editions with the parts of the original you want to keep and can start on the final draft.

5. Take your time. Remember to take your time. You are writing from the heart about something of great importance so there is no need to rush. Speak from your heart and you can’t go wrong.

I hope the above guide helps you make a start. If you need more help and further love letter writing tips and advice, please enter your email address in the email box below and I will send you my free love letters writing tips ebook today.

With love

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