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The following page is full of some of the best love letters written for a woman around so please feel free to scroll through until you find something that gives you inspiration for your own particular situation.

My Dearest Cyndee,

I am so incredibly proud of you! I know I have told you in person, but I thought that maybe a letter would be an even more emphatic and lasting way of telling you that I am so impressed, so full of pride, and, of course, overflowing with love for you at this important time in your life! Perhaps I haven’t been as understanding as I should have been over the years while you worked so hard at getting your accountancy qualification, but please know that was because of my own selfish needs. I always supported you in your effort, even if it didn’t quite seem that way to you. I really do realize that one of my biggest faults is being a bit too self-centered. Ah, I can hear you giggling as you read this- you know better than I do about my faults!

So, I got a bit sidetracked again, always about me isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder how you have put up with me all these years. You are an amazing woman; do I really deserve someone as wonderful as you? Please say yes! You know, you are probably right that I have a touch of insecurity that makes me focus on myself too much- see, you are always correct! Ah, my beautiful, intelligent love of my life, what in the world would I do without you?

So, now, I promise the remainder of this letter will be about you and about us, not just me! I can hardly wait for this weekend and your big celebration. You know I will have an amazing gift to surprise you with, I suppose I can tell you that part without spoiling the surprise. You’ll just have to spend the rest of the week wondering what it could possibly be. I will tell you that it is something you have wanted for a long time- no, it’s not a new computer. I’m really trying to get better about expressing my undying love for you and this gift will help me do it. OK, I might be giving too much away; you will just have to wait and see!

Will you be ready to leave on our holiday right after the party or will we be waiting until the next morning? Won’t it be incredible to spend a whole week together with no work, no emergencies, no calls from our bosses? I simply can’t believe we are really going to have all that time for just you and me, together and in love and enjoying a spectacular holiday. I see us letting all our cares go for a week while having fun by the seaside. We’ll spend our days delighting in the waves and sun and our evenings delighting in each other! I love you so much, yes I certainly do, so much that sometimes it simply overwhelms me! And, for that wonderful week, I am going to try my hardest to let you know how proud of you I am and how in love with you I am. Maybe it will become a habit- ah, there you are giggling again! Thank heavens you have such a sparkling sense of humor!

With All My Love,
[Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent]


My Love,

I can only try to put into words the deep love I have for you in my heart. When I wake up each morning, I am so grateful and feel so fortunate to have you in my life. You are always a bright ray of sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. Without you and your amazing, uplifting spirit, my life would constantly be overcast.

The world can sometimes be a challenging place, and it is easy for some couples to fall into ruts – but with you and your love, this could never happen. You approach each day with a fun, uplifting zest for life, and it is absolutely contagious. Your fun, free spirit makes each new morning feel like an adventure, instead of a routine. Just seeing your smile and the sparkle of life in your eyes lifts me up and makes me feel so alive each and every day.

With you, the glass is always half full instead of half empty. You are continually optimistic and ready to take the challenges of life head on, instead of admitting defeat. I am constantly in awe of your response to any obstacles that come our way. You have the ability to find the good in everything, and appreciate each new dawn as a gift to be treasured.

Sweetheart, you also are a gift to be treasured. I love you – you are my best friend and bring so much fun and joy into our relationship. I don’t know how you do it, but you even have the ability to make a quiet night at home exciting and filled with laughter and smiles. Your laugh is like music to me – it is the most beautiful sound and brings smiles to the faces of anyone who is near you.

So my love, thank you for bringing all of this magic into my world. I will hold your hand forever, and be grateful each day that I have such a beautiful woman to share my life with.

All my love,
[Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent]

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