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So you’re thinking of penning your lady a love letter? You’ve been thinking about it for a while or you’ve been nagged into it. Whatever is true for you is true for many men the world over so do not fear for you are in good company and about to get a helping hand to get you started on the road to fruition.

How to write perfect love letters for her

1. Start with a friendly salutation. You need to start things off with a friendly salutation like her pet name and follow that up with a short description of something you love her for. For example, To my sweetest blue eyed girl, To my beautiful and understading girlfriend… and so on.

2. Outline your reason for writing. You need to write an introduction that outlines the reasons that you love her and what is behind the need to write her a love letter. Don’t go into too much detail as that will come later. For now just give an outline of what she means to you.

3. Explain your present situation. Begin the letter by describing where you are writing the letter. Are you at home, at the beach, at the office, in a hotel room? What time of day is it? Morning, noon or night? What’s the weather like outside? Is it sunny, foggy, raining? Whilst these things may sound funny at first they help set the scene and draw the reader in just like a good novel. Just don’t over do it as you just want her to get a sense of where you are and picture your setting.

4. Articulate why you love her so. Next up you need to address why you love her. This can sometimes be difficult to articulate especially when writing a love letter for the first time in a while so start with the little things that spring to mind. As you progress start to open up more and more about what is truly in your soul and let things flow. Like a great conversation don’t stop once you’ve started. Just pour it out and write until you can’t write anymore.

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And remember

If you’ve not hand written a love letter for a long time, if at all, it can be a daunting prospect. So follow the steps above and simply put pen to paper and see what comes out. If you make a mistake you can always start again. Believe me it will be worth your while for deep down every lady would love to have a personally written love letter no matter what we sometimes say.

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