09 Mar 2012

How to Write an Impressive Romantic Love Letter

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Writing an impressive romantic love letter to your partner is one of the nicest ways you can surprise your love one and yet so very few people find the time to do it. As someone who hit a rocky spell in their marriage at one time all I can say is that without love letters as a form of honest dialogue and conveyor of feelings I’m not sure we would have made it through. So they are something I champion and recommend at every turn and hence why I have created the following tip sheet to help get you started.

I will soon be releasing my first ebook on this very subject so look out for that. In the meantime if you like the graphic feel free to grab the embed code at the bottom of the page and post it onto your blog. With enough engagement we might just be able to get more long term couples putting pen to paper and reconnecting on a romantic level which is so important for a healthy relationship.

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