21 Nov 2011

How To Earn Extra Money For Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner and like any enterprising mom, I am seriously contemplating how I can earn some extra bucks for Christmas and get my kids’ some really cool presents as well as my hubby who has had a crush on a particular pair of Nike trainers for ages.

As a writer, I just work at home so my network of possible customers is rather limited to friends and relatives only. I am not hoping to earn a lot. Just enough for some memorable presents for my loved ones. So here comes the difficult part of selecting an industry, work or craft that I can do really well in the remaining weeks before Christmas.

Mom mentioned baking chocolate cakes but I vetoed the idea as it is so time consuming to do and I do not have the strength or the time to clean up after each baking session. I could sell DIY Christmas decorations but I believe it may be too late to start making, marketing and selling them as we barely have more than a month to go before Christmas. I should have started making decorations in September in all reality. So what else can I do?

As always, the internet has been my savior as it has given me some wonderful and practical ideas that I can try. And I don’t even have to shell out a lot of money to bankroll this business. One practical suggestion that I like was from Money Saving Mom about selling my kid’s clothes on Ebay. This is just perfect as I have boxes of my children’s clothes and all in perfectly good condition. I can get rid of stuff that I don’t need but don’t have the heart to throw away and I will be earning money for Christmas. In fact, I got so excited about this endeavor that I am halfway through sorting the clothes I’ll auction on eBay. How’s that for a plan coming together?!!


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