01 Mar 2012

Great Ideas To Help You Surprise Your Husband Or Your Boyfriend

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One of the keys to a happy relationship, whether you are married or not, is to keep things fresh. Every relationship can benefit from an injection of adventure and spontaneity. One way of doing this is by surprising your partner, even if it is not his birthday or an anniversary. Here are 10 tips to surprise your partner today.

1. Take your partner on a surprise date, plan it ahead of time and don’t tell him where you are going. You could book dinner for two at his favorite restaurant or, if he likes bowling or playing golf, you can spend the day doing that. Now that would be a surprise!

2. Is there a friend or a relative that your partner has not seen in a while? There is always someone that your partner has been meaning to get in touch with but never gets around to seeing. Contact that person on his behalf and arrange a surprise visit.

3. Surprise gestures are always great especially when they are unexpected. Leave your partner a love note in his dresser drawer, briefcase or lunch box so that he will find it when he is least expecting to.

4. A great way to surprise your partner is to buy him tickets to an event that he will really enjoy. It may be a concert, or tickets to his favorite sports team.

5. Compose a cute mirror note for your partner telling him how much you love him. You can either do this with an eraser or with lipstick so as soon as he looks in the mirror that is the first thing that he sees.

6. A great surprise is to put a framed photo of the two of you into his briefcase, so that when he is looking through his things he stumbles upon it and is filled with emotion as he recalls the happy time you both spent together. Failing that you could also try putting a new picture of the two of you inside his wallet.

7. Surprise your partner with a combination of his favorite foods. Instead of just cooking one meal that he likes, make a platter of everything that he enjoys so that he will be completely spoilt for choice. Serve him his dinner in a formal fashion; you can also include his favorite beverages.

8. You can surprise your partner by inking his name into your body temporarily. You can create the design by using a semi permanent marker tattoo. Draw a heart and then have his name written into it, to surprise him don’t mention it and wait for him to see it when you are getting dressed.

9. Take him to your favorite cloths store and allow him to pick out a sexy dress for you. Any time you have got a special occasion together remember to wear it and he will like you in it even more because he was the one who chose it for you.

10. Be his personal assistant for the day. We usually have to go to work in the week and so spend our weekends running errands. Tell your husband to relax while you spend the day running all of his errands for him. He will really appreciate this.


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