28 Feb 2013

Fear and Phobia Statistics: The Shocking Truth

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Let’s be honest, we all have our fears and phobias in life. Some of them are minor, some inconvenient and some quite simply life altering. I’ve known friends who are petrified of flying to the extent we’ve not been able to go on vacation together. Others shriek and go crazy at the simple site of a spider whilst others still won’t walk anywhere near the top of a cliff or walk near the glass when at the top of a skyscraper.

As such I’ve put this infographic together to just break down some of the myths involved and to give a little push to some friends (you know who you are) that it’s time to face their fears head on so they can do normal things in their lives rather than closing out so much fun as a result of an on going phobia.

If you have friends like this or want to help give someone a little inspiration to overcome their anxieties please feel free to share this graphic with them or embed onto your blog. Good luck, God speed and let’s banish those phobias once and for all!

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