16 May 2012

Does Green Living Pay Off Economically

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Even if you do not have sleepless nights worrying about melting glaciers, the Brazilian Rain Forest or animals becoming extinct, you should be aware that green living not only helps the planet but also makes economical sense by helping your finances. It is easy to have a flippant attitude regarding environmentally friendly products being too expensive but there are practical things which you can do which will either cost you very little or nothing at all.

By simply changing all the light bulbs in your home, you can save up to $270 per year. These bulbs do not have to be replaced for up to 5 years so they are convenient as well as being economical. Small things such as regularly checking the tyre pressure on your car can save up to $50 per year as a car with flat tyres uses up more gas. Having insulation placed in your roof and cavity walls can cut your energy bills by at least 30% per annum. So if a typical home pays $2500 towards energy, you could be making a saving of $750. Insulation costs around $140 so this would soon pay for itself as well as making your home ecologically sound. Doing your laundry on a lower heat setting will save you money on your energy bills and making sure your load is full will cut down on machine usage.

A small change in our buying habits can make a big change to our bank balances. Swapping aerosol deodorants for salt mineral roll on antiperspirant can save around $4 per month. A green, salt mineral deodorant contains no harmful ingredients and lasts three times as long as a regular deodorant but with the same excellent results. If we stopped buying disposable razors and opted for safety razors we would be saving at least $75 every year. You would also be helping the planet by not adding the packaging of disposable razors to a land fill site every month.

By swapping your large gas guzzling car to a smaller more economical model you would half your fuel bills. Also by not using the car so often and walking on shorter trips, you will not be using gas and therefore doing your bit for the environment as well as reaping the economical benefits. You can also cut your energy bills by taking shorter showers, unplugging electrical items and using solar powered devices such as cell phone chargers. Some states in the USA offer incentives when people practice green living. For example if you have a solar powered pool or a wind turbine you can be entitled to tax credits.

You can be economical by recycling your unwanted electrical items. Trade in old refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and computers for cash. You can either have the cash or some companies will offset this money against the price of a new appliance. You could also consider buying second hand goods rather than new. You can pick up some real bargains as some things are nearly new but cost a fraction of the price.

Remember to take your own bags when you go for your grocery shopping. Many stores are offering incentives when you provide your own bags such as coupons or extra points on your loyalty card. This is an excellent way to go green and make money at the same time.

You can save a lot of money around the home by fitting a water filter to your kitchen faucet. This removes the need to buy bottled water and so saves money and saves on waste. Many coffee machines now come with re-usable coffee filters so these are an easy way to be economical and save paper wastage. When it is time to renew your boiler at home, think about having an energy efficient model fitted. Although slightly more expensive, these will pay for themselves in the long term and will make the heating of your home more energy efficient. You can easily save money by not buying paper towels for your kitchen. Just use cloths which can be washed and reused. This is just as convenient and can save around $4 per week.

Green living definitely has economical benefits. By being kind to the environment you can save hundreds of dollars every single year. This could be saved or used to pay for a well deserved vacation. Once you get into the habit of green living you will soon start reaping the financial rewards which come your way. This will spur you on to do more for the planet such as waste less food, water and fuel. You can become a better person by making a few changes to your daily routine.


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