21 Mar 2012

5 Part-time Jobs that You Can Do At Home To Earn Extra Money

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No one has to tell you that times are hard and jobs that pay anything near a living wage are few and far between. When you calculate the cost of daycare, gasoline, food, and clothing, not to mention your valuable time, there are not many part-time jobs that are worth pursuing.

But what if you could work in your own home, on your own schedule, as little or as much as you wanted, and make a decent income at it? You could stay in your pajamas, maybe put on some music, relax in your favorite chair, and earn money too. This is the promise of working at home, and it is possible. You’ve probably seen the posters on signposts and ads on the Internet advertising easy money for working at home – usually a ridiculous amount – for almost no work.
Well, if it sounds too good to be true – you know how the saying goes. But there are legitimate opportunities out there, especially for those with at least rudimentary computer skills and a computer with a good Internet connection. It shouldn’t cost you a penny to try out a line of work that appeals to you, and you can try more than one until you find the right fit. Here are 5 part-time jobs that you can do at home to earn extra money.

Customer Service
Companies need people to answer the phone, take orders, address inquiries about products, provide support of various kinds, and more . These are companies of all kinds too, not just computer or technology -related. Banks, department stores online, businesses selling products and services, all need people to man the telephones. This is a job that only requires a telephone (usually a land line), maybe a connected computer, and an ability to talk on the phone to ordinary people who are sometimes upset. Depending on the area you’re working in, you may have to defuse an angry situation at times, but more often you’re just going to be taking orders or entering information into a database.

Selling Online
If you are involved in any kind of craft, you can sell your hand-made items online. These days there are several online venues for people who are handy and crafty, or for collectors and aficionados of some niche – for example, Barbie dolls and their clothing. If you’re not into crafts or collecting, you can make money buying and reselling books, DVDs, records and CDs. You will have to do your research and keep up with the markets, but it is possible to buy low and sell high. Cosmetics, clothing, and many other items are fair game for this part-time job, but you’ll be making it on your own.

Online Tutor
Parents and students in these modern times realize that they are not tied to an actual teacher or in-person tutor for help with school – they can go online to find the help they need. Many online companies have sprung up in the last few years that cater to those who need assistance, whether its 5th grade math homework or a dissertation to finish their doctorate. If you have teaching experience and/or an area of expertise like math, English, chemistry, history, or social studies, you can sign up to be an online tutor. You will need a connected computer and you’ll have to commit to at least a few hours a week, but these positions are extremely flexible and the pay is quite good.

Virtual Assistant
Another growing opportunity in the last couple of years is the virtual assistant. So many small businesses and other organizations can’t afford to hire a full-time researcher, assistant or secretary, that some budding entrepreneurs realized there was a need to fill. A virtual assistant can be hired to do research for a project or to find a phone number, to make travel arrangements, to set up and cancel appointments, to transcribe dictation, and so on. The use of these services has grown by leaps and bounds and the odds are the field will continue to grow. You can make good money working just a few hours or more as you like, and it’s interesting and varied work. Again, you will need a telephone and an Internet-connected computer, and some experience at the sort of work you’ll be doing, but the opportunities are there and growing for virtual assistants.

Freelance worker
There are now thriving online companies that provide a virtual employment agency for companies around the world. These companies need writers, programmers, web designers, bloggers, engineers, and even secretaries. They hire freelance workers to form a team for a project, the team works together and each member contributes in his or her own area of expertise, and when the job is done, the team members move on to other projects. You can also find freelance writing online that pays you per word for articles and blog entries, and of course you can start your own blog – but you’ll have to figure out how to make money with it. All of these opportunities require some computer savvy, but also some skills that can be applied and are needed by businesses for products and services. If you are able to fit into a niche and can market your abilities, you can find great part-time work as a freelancer.

Working at home has traditionally meant babysitting, sewing, washing and ironing, and small shop work. With the growth of the Internet and the realization of the possibilities it holds, an amazing array of part-time opportunities for making money at home have arisen and the possibilities keep increasing every day. There is a way for you to make the kind of money you need, with some ingenuity, research and effort.


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