12 Apr 2012

10 Superfoods to Make You Look Younger Infographic

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I am a bit of a late convert to the superfoods regimen. I tend not to be someone who jumps on the bandwagon of every new cure and health fad that comes along. But I have to say the argument for superfoods has won me over with time for two simple reasons:

1. The science is pretty sound
2. The superfoods all taste great so to hell with the health stats anyway! If they’re doing something good for our families health then great, if not, still great!

So there you have a Grace Pamer Superfoods 101 spot check argument. Succinct, to the point and lacking in empirical evidence. Enjoy!

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Grace Pamer is a thirty something mom of 3 gorgeous kids and a full time writer. She writes romance and dating tip columns for various publications.

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