28 Feb 2013

Fear and Phobia Statistics: The Shocking Truth

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Let’s be honest, we all have our fears and phobias in life. Some of them are minor, some inconvenient and some quite simply life altering. I’ve known friends who are petrified of flying to the extent we’ve not been able to go on vacation together. Others shriek and go crazy at the simple site of [...]

13 Jun 2012

Domestic Violence: Truths Unfold

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Domestic violence is a fact of life that far too many women have to live with. It is the ultimate form of bullying for it invariably comes from someone a woman loves and trusts. It can be physical and verbal in nature, unrelenting or occasional but anytime it happens it is one time too many. [...]

04 Jun 2012

The Truth About Bullying

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Bullying is a subject that never seems to go away and one that really sticks in my craw so to speak. Maybe it’s the fact it’s so cruel and pointless, maybe it’s because it ruins so many lives or maybe even it’s because I was the recipient for a period of time at school. Whatever, [...]

29 May 2012

State of the Momosphere Summer 2012

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Over the past year I’ve got to know a lot of mom blogs pretty well. There are moms who blog about their day to day activities, moms who write about their favorite interests and some who seem to cover just every subject under the sun. I love them all for different reasons. As such it [...]

16 May 2012

Does Green Living Pay Off Economically

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Even if you do not have sleepless nights worrying about melting glaciers, the Brazilian Rain Forest or animals becoming extinct, you should be aware that green living not only helps the planet but also makes economical sense by helping your finances. It is easy to have a flippant attitude regarding environmentally friendly products being too [...]

15 May 2012

How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint When Exercising

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You may not think that it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint when exercising but it can be achieved by various measures. The thing about being kind to the environment is to think before you act. With a little planning you can exercise knowing that you are doing your bit to save the planet. [...]